Accepted: Lazy Sunday Pillow

Last month, I submitted my Lazy Sunday pillow pattern to Made in America Yarns. I wasn’t familiar with them before I read their call for submissions, but I like their local, hand-crafted attitude.

Yesterday I got an email from their marketing director, Beck, that they want my design. Yay! They’re not going to pay me for it, but I’ll benefit from sales of the pattern. They’ll promote it to their customers and fanbase on Ravelry and Facebook, and take knitted samples to big fiber shows, like TNNA. As a new designer, I’ll take any exposure someone offers me.

The only requirement is that the pattern use one of their yarns. I’ve been looking for a reason to put the cable from my Very Blackberry Pullover on a pillow, so that’s what I proposed to them. (I had submitted this design to Knit Picks a couple of months ago for their Creature Comforts collection, but they didn’t want it.)

Here’s a peek at the prototype.

Lazy Sunday pillow prototype. Too tight for this pillow form, and the cabled edge is too floppy.

One of the wonderful things about getting a pattern accepted, whether by a yarn company or a magazine, is that you get free yarn. Some bulky American Lamb in the deep ruby Wine Glass corlorway is on its way to me.


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