Knit WIP: Stormy Cables > The Plan

I’ve had some Knit Picks Merino Style in the Storm colorway in my stash for at least a century, saving it for something special. And yesterday, I finally found a project worthy of the yarn.

It’s Berta Karapetyan’s Ultraviolet V-Neck.

Ultraviolet V-Neck

This model looks exacty like a lifeless mannequin throughout the entire book.

From her book, Runway Knits.

Terrible cover.

I’m calling it Stormy Cables, and I’m knitting size M/38.

With all my design work, some of it on deadline for Knitscene and Interweave Knits (I love writing that), I need another knitting project like I need more yarn (ha!). But I wanted a mindless project to work on at the end of the day. Now, some of you might not consider this heavily cabled (every 4th row) sweater mindless, but if you can knit ribbing and you can cable without a cable needle and you can count to four, it’s almost as mindless as stockinette.

This sweater also has interesting shaping details, and I like to knit projects that teach me something about design.

Of course, I want to knit this in the round instead of flat, as specified in the pattern, so I’ll have to make some adjustments, which I’ll make up as I go along.

I’ll start with the sleeves, like I do for every sweater I knit. (Sleeves are my gauge swatch.) I’ll knit them to the armpit, then set them aside.

For the body, I’ll cast on the number of stitches for both the front and the back, and knit it to the armpit, working any shaping for both sides at the same time.

My plan is to join the sleeves to the body and knit the yoke, doing all the raglan shaping at the same time. At some point, I’ll have to start knitting back and forth when I split for the V-neck, but I might later decide to make it a crew or mock-turtle neck so I don’t have to knit back and forth. (It messes up my gauge.) Plus, I don’t like V-neck sweaters.

If it’s not possible to work the yoke in the round, then I’ll knit the sleeve caps flat according to the pattern. I’ll also split the front and back and work all the yoke shaping flat according to the pattern. I did this with my #14 Cabled Turleneck and it turned out fine.

On the schematic, there’s a sort of spaghetti strap thing that I’ll have to incorporate. Not sure how I’ll do it, but I’ll figure it out when I get there.


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