Where I Won’t Be This Summer

I was sitting around minding my own business, when the Knitting folder in my Inbox lit up. I get a lot of knitting emails, most of them from yarn companies or online stores. I don’t even read the ones that use! an! exclamation! point! after! every! single! sentence! (That would be you, Tahki Stacy Charles. Just stop it, would you.)

This email was from the British yarn company, Rowan, that always sends out good stuff with appropriate punctuation. Beneath a photo gallery featuring some of their beautiful, moody models (I would so love to see that red-headed girl modeling one of my sweaters), it told me about:

A wonderfully relaxing knitting holiday in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, with leisurely knitting days, spectacular scenery, wonderful food and wine—and learning new skills with Rowan’s Head Designer, Marie Wallin.

“Knitting and La Bella Vita” they’re calling it.


La Bella Vita means Too Bleepin’ Expensive in the parlance of my times.

Prices start at £1,310 per person per week, which is about US$2,200. They’ll supply the yarn, but we have to bring our own needles.

Marie Wallin is one of my mostest favoritist designers in the knittiverse, but I have plans to pay off my mortgage within three years.

So, I’ll be cabling and slip-stitching in the beautiful Texas countryside, enjoying carrots, cauliflower, and cacao as I watch cardinals, roadrunners, and white tail deer out my window.

I might even knit up some of these silly little chickens from Rowan.


Esther, Ernie & Enid are in my budget.


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