Ganglion Cyst

Doesn’t that sound disgusting? It’s what I have, though, on the back of my left wrist. Self-diagnosed, of course.

I noticed it a few days ago after knitting for a couple of hours. My wrists were hurting more than usual, so I did some stretching and circling. I saw a divot and a large protrusion when I held my hand a certain way. I assumed it was the end of a bone and figured the tendons and ligaments in my wrist were starting to atrophy, which led to the natural conclusion that I would never knit again and would have to stop teaching yoga.

I felt a little better after researching and finding out that this little sac of fluid is basically harmless, unless it’s putting pressure on nerves. It can be syringed by a white coat, or it can be waited out with ibuprofen and ice. (Self-diagnosis means self-treatment, so we’ll be waiting it out.)

These cysts are also called bible bumps because people used to whack them with a bible to make them burst inside the hand. (Just another way Jesus heals. :-)

On the bright side:

  • I’m not going to lose the use of my hand.
  • I have both ice and ibuprofen.
  • I have a bible, just in case.

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