Knit WIP: Stormy Cables > The Sleeves

I’ve been putting in some good time on my Stormy Cables sweater, and have finished both sleeves. I’m working my plan, and knit them in the round.

These sleeves make me very happy.

I’m knitting size M, and I used my favorite Chinese Waitress Cast-on to cast on 60 stitches as the pattern specified. I like double-pointed needles for small-diameter knitting in the round, and I used my beloved Prym/Inox brand. I didn’t subtract any stitches for selvedge because a) I didn’t want to refigure stitch counts later in the pattern, and b) in a DK weight yarn, two extra stitches aren’t going to matter.

For the 4-st cable pattern, I knit rows 2 and 4 instead of purling them, and the stiches between are always purled. I’m cabling without a cable needle (so I don’t lose my sanity every four rounds). And as Knitting Empress of my house, I made the decision to switch from a right-cross cable to a left-cross cable, because I can more quickly insert my needle into stitches at the back of my work to make the position swap.

I tried to do all the sleeve increases one stitch in from the beginning and end of the round so I didn’t have two increases in a row, which produces a hole, but I also tried to maintain the cable stitch ribbing, so a couple of times I had to do a double increase. If the little hole bothers me, and it probably will, I’ll sew it closed later.

Whether knitting for pleasure or designing an item, I document my knitting time on every project. (Yep, I’m awesome.) The first sleeve took 10.75 hours, the second took 9 hours, so almost 20 hours. Not bad for two sleeves with a combined total of 495,200 cable crossings.

When tracking my progress on a sweater, I split it into thirds: sleeves, body, yoke, so I’m one-third of the way there.

Onward to the body.


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