Design WIP: Cabled Sweater > Inspiration

I’m starting a new design—an Aran-/Celtic-/fisherman-type sweater. It’s something that’s been on my knitting mind for a few years, ever since I read somewhere that designing one of these sweaters is part of The Knitting Guild Association‘s Master Knitter program. (I don’t know if that’s true because I’m not in the program, and TKGA doesn’t post the requirements on their website, but it doesn’t matter for these purposes.)

I’ve designed several heavily cabled items, but not something this complex because it’s a big, serious project that’s going to take a lot of time, and over the fall and winter, I had been trying to publish as many patterns as I could, which means small, quick items like hats and scarves. I’ve also been responding to several calls for submissions, designing small stuff for those.

But now I’m ready for total immersion in an intricate project that’s going to require every single one of my little gray cells, and probably all 11 seasons of Poirot. Twice.

Several things have inspired me.

Hop into the wayback machine, and we’ll see Alice Starmore’s book Aran Knitting, specifically her design, St. Brigid.


I haven’t knit this because I can’t afford the yarn.

We’ll also see Kim Hargreaves’ Demi from Vintage Knits.

Cables *and* twisted stitches.

Then last year, I knit Melissa Leapman’s #14 Cabled Turtleneck (Vogue Knitting Winter 2012/13).

Mine is on the left.

Then Kathy Zimmerman’s Bread Basket Pullover came out in Interweave Knits Winter 2014 in one of my favorite colors.

(c) Interweave Press

Hot pink cables.

I’ve also been working on my Stormy Cables sweater that has me making eleventy hundred cable crossings every four rounds. (Which you would think would put me off knitting any more cables, but it has done just the opposite.)

Earning my PhD in cabling without a cable needle.

And I’ve been seeing and pinning a lot of these types of sweaters on Pinterest.

Infinite cable combinations make these sweaters as unique as snowflakes.

Let the swatching begin.



  1. love that celery green cable knit sweater that you created. Can’ wait to see the next one. I’m sitting in Heathrow reading a home girl blog. Nice.

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