Knit WIP: Stormy Cables > The Body

I finally finished the body on my Stormy Cables pullover. (If you need to catch up, see my posts on The Plan and The Sleeves.) I’ve been working on this everywhere—at home in the evenings, at the library during my volunteer shift (several patrons are monitoring my progress), while I waited for an oil change. I even got in a couple of rounds between sessions at a yoga workshop.

The body length is 15″ for all sizes of this sweater (remember, the book is called Runway Knits, so the designs have skinny robo-models in mind). I would prefer a longer sweater, but I don’t want to run out of yarn, especially since the yarn I’m using is discontinued. If I don’t like the final fit, I can lose a little bit of weight.

You’re looking at 1,346 cables.

I had hoped to finish the sweater before Texas became a frying pan, but that isn’t going to happen. Normally, something like the fact that I can’t wear it until next Christmas would have me setting this aside for a while (especially since I have Yoke Sydrome, which is a cousin of Second Sleeve Syndrome), but I am so in love with it that I must finish.

What I did to change this flat pattern to knitting in the round:

  • I’m knitting size M/38, so I doubled the number of stitches and cast on 268 (using the Chinese Waitress Cast-on, also called a double-chain cast-on when you do it with a crochet hook), keeping the selvedge stitches because a) they figure into the increases, and b) I don’t want to bother with refiguring stitch counts when I get to the yoke because c) the flow of the cables for the raglan decreases depends on specific stitch counts.
  • I made my increases next to the first and last cable columns rather than one stitch in from the “side seams” for a neater side. After all three rounds of increases, I had a total of 280 stitches.
  • After the second round of increases, I had eight purl stitches at each side, so I started another cable on the center four. (You might be wondering why I would add yet more cables to this, but when you’re knitting 44 cables every fourth round, two more isn’t such a burden.) These new cables presented a slight pain to the knitting: I had to either remove and replace the side markers during the making of every cross, or relocate them. I chose relocation, moving the markers back two (purl) stitches to temporarily change the side seams.

    Knitting this in the round allowed me to add this center side cable.

    The body took 29.75 hours, and I am now 66% done. Onto the yoke.


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