I’d Rather Dine Alone

Why don’t they have mouths?

The story goes on to say:

The Moomin Cafe chain, which is dedicated to a series of Finish (sic) picture books that are popular in Japan, adopted the policy to help customers feel more welcome and comfortable while dining alone.

A few questions:

  • Who wants to sit across from something that looks like it dripped out of the chef’s nose?
  • Wouldn’t you feel like a complete idiot sitting at a table with one of these things?
  • How often are those costumes going to be laundered?
  • Will you have to converse with them or are they going to just sit there and watch you eat?
  • Will you have to specify whether you want to dine with Moomintroll, Moominpappa, Moominmamma or Snork Maiden, or will your companion be assigned to you?
  • Why isn’t it Moominmaiden?
  • How are you going to handle all the pitying looks from the other diners who have friends to eat with?
  • Will you enjoy the constant interruptions to your meal by children wanting to have their picture taken with the thing?
  • What about all the snarky comments on the photos that are going to circulate on Facebook and Pinterest?

How about you? Have any questions or concerns?



  1. How entirely bizarre! I might go there once for the experience. Yes, truly. But I don’t think it would satisfy my need for companionship, just give me fodder for odd dreams. How did you find this???

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