October in Scotland Anyone?

The University of Glasgow in Scotland is accepting applications for a knitter in residence for the month of October 2014, specifically the 6th-12th for Shetland Wool Week (which they don’t link to in their job posting, assuming every knitter knows what and when it is and what it’s about).

Fair Isle is in northern Scotland.

The pay is £1000 pro rata and to include expenses for materials. Obviously this program is run by non-crafters with very little notion of the expenses a true knitter could incur in a single month, especially when someone else is buying.

The successful candidate will have:

  • eExperience of hand knit instruction or residency work
  • tThe ability to talk about and demonstrate their work to groups of various sizes and background
  • sSome experience of delivering workshops to community groups
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent hand knitting skills

I notice that even though the list isn’t numbered, knitting skills are last, a place that usually indicates “oh yeah, and…” that some intern caught at the last minute.

Applications should include:

  • A CV (including any experience of community based work)
  • A letter of application (including a proposal for a project you might undertake during the residency)
  • A sample of your work (photographs or weblinks demonstrating your knitting expertise and, if appropriate, evidence of community engagement activity)

Their entire job posting is heavy on history, heritage, and culture. Yawn.

They also seem to want lots of community-based work experience, but I’m not sure what that means. Does it have to be an altruistic knitters-in-prison type thing, or can you have made thousands of dollars teaching workshops in between poker games on a cruise ship?

Just give me enough time to finish one more round, okay?

Closing date is June 13th.



      1. oh my, you are PERFECT for this! What an opportunity- you must apply. I will tag along just to keep you company. ;) Wurstfest will survive without you.

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