Submission: Holiday Pattern for Knit Picks

A few weeks ago, Knit Picks sent out a call for holiday-themed patterns that they’ll offer knitters for free on their website this fall. They’re looking for items along the lines of accessories, toys, and home decor for Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc., and want them geared toward beginners—i.e., easy.

I hadn’t planned to submit anything because I have enough designs to work on, but we all know how plans go around here. Plus, they’re going to pay for the design, and who can’t use money to enhance the stash pay the water bill?

I thought I would just see if I could come up with a quick design, so I looked around on the internets, bathing my little gray cells in images and ideas. I always like to design something a little unexpected, so I let my right brain meander through its twists and turns, the way it does, considering this, investigating that, consulting with my left brain to see if it’s doable.

I finally hit upon an idea for the particular type of item I wanted to submit, but the design I put on it would need to be interpreted to fit the shape of the thing. It wasn’t as challenging as interpreting Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor according to the Pantone color spectrum, but neither was it as simple as casting Robert DeNiro as a mobster with anger issues in a Scorsese movie.

I created a board on Pinterest to store ideas, adding to it over the next few days.

Brain bath.

And then, after I ate some mustard and climbed a water tower, no fewer than six interpretations came to me. (None of them Nutcracula, but that would be fun, no?)

I don’t have a fancy design program on my PC, so I went old school with my FaberCastell Col-Erase pencils on paper (like daVinci!) to sketch four of the designs.

What on earth could they be?

After I finished admiring my third-grade coloring skills, I scanned the paper into a file, separated the images, wrote up a proposal for each item individually, and submitted them to Knit Picks.

As I wait for a decision, I’ll return to the question of whether G minor would be best represented by Rhubarb or Pomegranate.


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