Submission: Vest to Twist Collective

After Knitscene returned the swatch for my Adelante Tank, and after I saw some design elements I didn’t like in the DK weight cotton/linen prototype I knit up, I redesigned it and started another prototype, this time in Cascade 220, a worsted weight wool, in the color Sphere, an ice-blue heather.

My original version had a cabled front and a 3×3 ribbed back, which is something I don’t like in any garment, i.e., a different design on front and back. As my German knitter friend Hannah said when I showed it to her and asked her opinion, “It looks like you didn’t want to do the work.”

I had proposed the tank to Knitscene that way because the magazine publishes patterns geared toward beginning to intermediate knitters. The cables were going to be enough of a challenge, so the ribbed back would give the knitter a little break. (Perhaps that was a mistake and Knitscene would have accepted it if I had proposed cables all around. They never say why they don’t want something.) And I chose ribbing instead of stockinette so the weight of the ribbing would counter the weight of the cables.

So, this new prototype with cables all over the place is what I should have done in the first place, and Hannah and I are much happier with it.

Just a photo that shows nothing.

I had intended to self-publish this design, but Twist Collective put out a call for submissions for their Winter 2014 issue, and this appeared to work for their Cut and Fold story, and it was already knit up in wool, so what the heck.

Twist wants either a sketch or a photo of the item, and since I have trouble sketching a straight line and all I needed to do on the vest was bind off around the top of it and knit the straps, I figured I’d go with a photo.

Of course, I miscalculated the time it would take to do those two things, and I ended up working for seven hours straight the day before to finish it so it could block overnight. The next morning, I woke up to the fragrance of damp wool, so I aimed a high-powered fan at my cabled creation to speed things up.

Adelante didn’t seem like the right name for a winter vest in wool, so I renamed it Welligkeit (which may or may not be the German word for ripple—Babelfish and Bing say it is; Hannah says it’s not). Then, with the sound of whirring behind me, I wrote up a one-page proposal, photographed the mostly dry vest (with the straps sort of tucked into place), and submitted it the day of the deadline.

A pictogram of deadline day.

Twist Collective says that you’ll hear from them one way or the other, but they don’t say how long it will take them to respond, so there’s probably plenty of time to send up good thoughts and prayers that I get a yes—and soon.

Please do.



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