Fulfillment: Holiday Pattern for Knit Picks

I received the yarn from Knit Picks for the holiday thingamabob* they want me to design for them. It’s their 100% acrylic Brava Worsted, and I needed three different colors—white, black, and orange. The white has a subtle iridescent sheen to it and the black is dark, dark, dark, both of them very soft. The orange is kind of strange, though. Rather crispy and squeaky. (Knitters know what I mean, but you non-knitters can imagine the yarn equivalent of a Cheeto.)

Not for the obvious holiday.

I’m a knit-with-wool-or-go-home kind of girl, but this item will be used in such a way that wool is not a good idea†.

I knit the main part of it, then let it sit for a few days while I avoided embroidering certain details that would bring the whole thing to life. My embroidery is about as accomplished as my hand-drawn pictures, which is to say, they belong on a half-blind grandma’s refrigerator. But the deadline‡ for the final pattern was coming up, so I had to do the best I could.

Knit Picks is going to send my pattern to one of their test knitters to work up the sample they’ll use on their website, which is the only reason I submitted something that requires embroidery.

I photographed the embroidered parts, then emailed everything to Knit Picks (a day early, thank you), emphasizing that the photo was only a guide.

The gal who manages the pattern submissions wrote back “he looks great!” I’m pretty sure she’s not a half-blind grandma, so she must be kind-hearted. I wish I had a sister like her.

Anyway, I’m glad that’s over with.

Knit Picks plans to offer these patterns free of charge on their website, and will be releasing them a few at a time starting in September (I think). You’ll hear about it here first.

*The reason I’m referring to this as a thingamabob is because of a television show called Haven. It’s a low-budget, poorly edited, cheesy, lightly sci-fi drama produced by the SyFy Channel that I should despise, but I love (for the first three seasons, anyway). In the As You Were episode in season 1, a lot of main and supporting characters are stranded in a mansion on an island during a thunderstorm (Velveeta, right?), and one of them has been taken over by a “chameleon” that’s offing them one by one, but they don’t know which one because they all look and act like themselves. At one point, all of the characters are in a room sizing each other up, and one says of the main character, Audrey, who had proposed a way to catch this thing, “How do we know she’s not the thingamabob?” Audrey states emphatically, “I am NOT the thingamabob!” That struck me as especially funny during that tense scene, and I started using the word all the time. Now I finally get to use it on my blog.

†Probably the only time I will ever use the phrase, “wool is not a good idea.”

‡A hard deadline is the only reason this master procrastinator gets anything done. That, and my Butt-in-Chair partner, Melinda, which is the subject of another post I’ve been meaning to write.

To Ponder: Many wealthy people are little more than janitors of their possessions. |Frank Lloyd Wright|


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