Submission: Thing to Knitty

Sunday morning I dressed in a long-sleeved denim shirt, skirt, knee-high boots, and a wool cap, and went into my back yard for a photo shoot.

All this for a submission to Knitty for their Winter 2014 issue. It’s the same hybrid design I submitted to Brooklyn Tweed that was rejected a few months ago.

I have a hard-earned black belt in procrastination, but a coolish summer morning in south Texas has a short shelf life, so I had to get it done or suffer 100 consequences.

All month.

Knitty’s deadline for submissions isn’t until September 1st, but my M.O. has been to wait until the last day to submit. (Surprised? Didn’t think so.) But this time I figured I would get my submission in early in case Knitty makes decisions early, and anything that comes in close to the deadline had better be pretty stinkin’ spectacular to change their minds.

About as happy as I look to be draped in wool in August.

I’m 0 for 6 with submissions to Knitty, so please send up good thoughts and prayers that this one is accepted.

I hope.

To Ponder: The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. |Voltaire|




  1. Good job! I’m getting published in the Deep Fall issue this year, and am going to (hopefully) submit another sock pattern in the Winter issue. The Tech Editor is really fun to work with by the way. Good luck, and I hope you get published!

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