Counting My Blessings | August 2014

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways—a car to take me places and a house to come home to, central air conditioning, hot water for showers, more clothes than I’ll ever wear, more yarn than I’ll ever knit, a healthy mind and body, a lifestyle that allows me to design knitwear while providing enough money to pay my bills—but none more precious than the sweet people in my life.

1. My friend Angie sent an email that she had something for me. She had already given me two jars of honey from her bees and lots of clothes she no longer wanted, so I had fun imagining what it was. She’s a knitter, so maybe some yarn? She’s also a gardener, so maybe some veggies? And she raises chickens, but I knew she wouldn’t have eggs for me.

It was something even better. I am now making my morning tea in the Poppy Fields Tea Forte tea brewing thing I mentioned in a p.s. in my post about my acceptance by 101 Little One-Skein Wonders.

I love this so much.

2. Once a week, I work a volunteer shift at my library and lately I’ve been working extra hours on cataloging Spanish books for my librarian friend, Angela. I love working with data and doing research, and while Angela thinks she’s doing me a favor, I know it’s the other way around.

3. A woman brings fresh figs to the library to sell to employees and volunteers. She charges only $2 for a bag of about 20 figs, and I buy four bags at a time, if they’re available. Angela has started to buy up all the bags only to give most of them to me as thanks for my help.

4. My house lightly flooded in October 2013 and again in May 2014. (Yes, it rains in Texas.) I told my accountability partner Melinda, whom I’ve emailed every weekday for a couple of years, but met in person only three times. She told her husband—a water flow engineer!—of my troubles, and he came out to my house to assess the situation and gave me advice on how to stop rainwater from pooling behind my house.

The next day, Melinda offered her and Gary’s help with the project. It’s always hard for me to accept help, but I did, and after they went to Home Depot to buy supplies, they both gave up a Saturday on Father’s Day weekend to labor for seven hours digging trenches, cleaning out gutters (a huge deal because I have a fear of heights), laying paving stones at the proper slope (using professional engineering survey equipment that Gary borrowed from his work), and pouring a concrete berm.

A little pool of concrete at the end of the berm was begging for a face, so I grabbed some rocks and…

Say hello to my little friend.

I still can’t believe they did that for me and thanked them so many times that Melinda finally told me to stop it already.

5. My yoga student and friend Kate seems to have read every obscure book I’ve been reading recently and we have great conversations about them before class.

6. My yoga student and friend Q, she of the hat for a trip to Iceland, declared a gift of two skeins of Lettlopi yarn at customs upon her return to the US.

All the way from Iceland.

7. I discovered pickleball at my local rec center. It’s normally $2 to play, but the director of the center lets me play for free because I teach a yoga class there. All the players who have been playing forever are so sweetly patient with my newbieness.

8. My BFF Tina, who has three kids and a demanding career, always makes time to listen to me gush about pickleball.

9. My passion flower vine (a gift from Angie) surprises me once in a while with these blooms.

The botanical equivalent of a sand dollar.

How have you been blessed lately?

To Ponder: An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth. |Bonnie Friedman|



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