Rejection: Petal Tank by knit.wear

In July, I submitted my Petal Tank to knit.wear, and heard from them last week.

As we say here in Texas: El Paso.

On the bright side:

  • I don’t have to design a summer tank top in the winter.
  • Today’s weather forecast says it’s going to be only 97. Fall is in the air. :-)
  • My 2013 taxes are done.

 To Ponder: It is essential of the happy life that a man would have almost no mail. |C.S. Lewis|



    1. In a way, the reason I keep them private is to protect them. Most publications won’t accept something that has been published before, even on a blog, so I talk generally about them for that reason. It would probably be okay to publish some sneak peak pics, so maybe I’ll start doing that.

      If it’s something I’m going to self-publish—like The Sweater I’ve been designing for ages—I want the big reveal to be a surprise.

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