Of All the Hat Patterns In All the World

Kathleen Cubley fell in love with mine.

Who is Kathleen Cubley? She’s the editor of Knitting Daily, the blog of Interweave Press.

In last Monday’s post, my Voussoir Hat was featured “above the fold” as it were (which explains the mystery of why so many people favorited and queued it on Ravelry that day).

Wow, right?

Kathleen wrote: “Hats are where it’s at, and there are several really wonderful hats in Knits Gifts. The one that I really fell in love with is the Voussoir Hat by Robin Allen.”

She goes on to say that my hat reminds her of her favorite Koolhaas Hat, designed by wonder-boy Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. What an honor!

Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood; photo (c) Interweave Knits

I subscribe to Knitting Daily’s digest emails that arrive on Saturdays. They contain all of the previous weeks entries, so I didn’t know about her post until a few days afer the fact.

What a blessing, this. Unexpected and genuine praise from a well-respected industry expert.

To Ponder: From a thing’s possibility, one cannot be certain of its reality. |Roman Proverb|


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