Counting My Blessings: October 2014

In spite of some bizarre and challenging issues with a paranoid and delusional neighbor who believes I’m sending radio frequency waves into her house (seriously!—she tried to convince the sheriff’s office to file criminal charges against me), my life is blessed with infinite good stuff.

1. My friend Bob returned from a month-long visit to Canadia to visit his family, and returned with a pint of Captain Morgan rhum foncé for me. That’s a fancy way to say dark rum. It’s a blend of Caribbean and Canadian rum, and is not generally available in the United States of America. I don’t normally drink hard liquor, but nothing about my life has been normal lately. The rhum was quite tasty and I look forward to the next time Bob leaves for a month.

Worth a trip to Canadia.

Worth a trip to Canadia.

2. We had a cold snap in Texas. In early September. Calendarically still summer, and what they call the dog days of. It rained the day before, then the temps were in the low 60s the following Saturday. It was even too cold for my outdoor yoga class, so we moved it indoors. I wore long sleeves and knee-high boots the rest of the day. Bliss defined.

3. During my Saturday shift at the library I showed a little girl named Alyssa how to knit. She was maybe seven or eight years old. Those little hands and fingers trying to deal with yarn and needles. The powerful concentration trying to remember the movements.

4. Lately, I’ve been wrestling with making some major life changes, and my BFF Tina mailed me this magnet o’ wisdom as encouragement to git ‘er done.

Not that I live according to sayings on magnets.

Mind you, my life has already begun, but it’s all locked up in a box and nothing ever happens anymore.

5. A gal on Ravelry messaged me that she found my blog a few months ago and is “thrilled” to follow my successes. Aw.

6. I live in a free country that allows its citizens to vote their leaders into and out of office without inciting violent protests.

7. I sleep in a warm, comfortable bed. Every. Single. Night.

What blessings are you counting this month?

To Ponder: Every increased possession loads us with new weariness. |John Ruskin|



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