Submission: Scarf to Interweave Knits

Last month, two days before the deadline, I submitted a proposal for a scarf to Interweave Knits for their Gifts 2015 issue.

The “Lifelines” story for that issue is described thusly:

“Show us lace in crunchy, wooly, luscious textures and fibers. Oversized scarves and shawls are modern wearables in studio neutrals and heavier gauges. Mix in cables and textured patterns; add edgings and bobbles and I-cord trims.”

The stitch pattern on the tee I submitted to Knit Picks and then to Knitscene is a mix of lace and ribbing, which is close enough.

So I knit up a swatch in the yarn I used for my Irene Adler pillow.

Irene Adler Pillow by A Texas Girl Knits

Red is not a “studio neutral” (or maybe it is; I have no idea what that means), but the American Lamb is a bulky yarn and fits the “oversized” and “heavier gauge” suggestions.

Plus, IK will tell you what yarn and color they want you to use if they accept the pattern, so I don’t think it matters that much. The knitter knits the final version that will be photographed for the magazine, so I think they’re mostly interested in seeing your knitting and finishing skills.

I got into their Gifts 2014 issue with my Voussoir Hat, so please send up prayers that I repeat that success.

To Ponder: As to conforming outwardly and living your own life inwardly, I do not think much of that. |Henry David Thoreau|

p.s. I know that all of these submission posts sound the same, but if any of you are interested in designing (or writing or painting or drawing or any other creative endeavor for which you hope to earn money), know that it’s not all Skittles and check deposits. It’s 99% this kind of unglamorous stuff.


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