Decision: Pillow by Knitscene

I got my swatch in the mail yesterday—nine weeks after the submission deadline.

With all the deadlines for various publications coming up around the same time, I do wish they would send rejections by email, or at least adhere to their guidelines and return swatches for rejected items in four to six weeks so I can submit them elsewhere.

When I’m made empress of North America, things will be very different in the knitting world.

On the bright side:

  • I had submitted a mini-pillow as a swatch, so I can add a strap to it and turn it into a purse.
  • A cold front is due to arrive today!
  • I got an acceptance by an elsewhere publication. More on that tomorrow.

To Ponder: Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. |Melody Beattie|



  1. I submitted three proposals to IK for their summer 2015 issue. It took 11 weeks to come back to me. Rejected. All three. It was my first attempt at submitting to a major magazine. I’ve been in book collections and sold directly through LYS and self published on Ravelry and Nimblestix.

    I did see it as a good sign that perhaps they were still in the running, if it took that long to say no. I wish there had been some criticism or suggestions on improving the submissions or designs, though I know that isn’t their job. I’m new to the whole submission world, though, and would like some pointers.

    Your blog came up on a search for some other design information, and I appreciate your candor and plain spokenness about the process.

    1. Yes, it would be nice to know why they rejected something, but I look at the issue when it comes out and try to figure out why they didn’t choose my proposal.

      The acceptances I got from Knitscene and Interweave Knits both came pretty quickly, within the four week window. After that deadline, I just assume they don’t want it and that the person who does the returns is behind on getting them out. I like your thought, though, that my propsal was still in the running.

      Thanks for the comment and best of luck getting published!

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