Decision: City Cowl by Knit Picks

A month or so ago, Knit Picks put out call for submissions for accessories patterns for certain of their yarn lines. One of them is one of my favorites—Andean Treasure.

As with my Snowman Draft Stopper, they’re going to offer these patterns for free, hoping, of course, to sell the yarn the pattern calls for.

They don’t pay as much for these free patterns as they do for their regular collections, but they do pay something. And they usually want easy/beginner-type patterns, so designing, knitting, and writing the pattern usually go pretty quickly. In fact, for this design, I just knit the whole thing and sent them a photo of the finished cowl.

I like a lot of things about designing for Knit Picks, especially how quickly they get back to you with a decision—usually within a week, and they stick to that deadline whether it’s an acceptance or a rejection. For this call, submissions were due by November 2nd and they said they would decide by November 7th. That’s five blessed days compared to nine bleepin’ weeks.

Except I didn’t hear anything on Friday. I figured they didn’t want my cowl, but was hoping they were just behind on their emails. Happily, it was the latter.




The contract has been signed and returned to them, and my hard-working mailman, Charles, will be delivering two skeins of Andean Treasure in Embers Heather very soon.

I do love a good red.

To Ponder: It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. |Krishnamurti|



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