Counting My Blessings: November 2014

Living next to a neighbor with a mental illness means that things are ever weird over here in the little red cabin in the woods, but it’s balanced by plenty of good things.

1. For the second cold weather season, I’ve been selling my knitted wares at a local farmer’s market. I don’t go when it’s too warm because nobody wants to even look at wool, but I sell a lot—and get lots of compliments on my knitting—when I show up.

Finally—a cold day in central Texas.

2. My friend Shar has unwittingly become my therapist, listening to me tell the same stories about my crazy neighbor, rehashing my options, what-iffing my future, rejecting all of my own ideas only to revisit them again. The best part is that she acts as if it were the first time she’s heard everything.

3. When I told my BFF Tina that one of my possible plans for the future involved living with her for a while, she said, “Yay!” When I told her I wanted to attend poker dealing school so I could deal in Las Vegas, she said, “That’s a great idea!”

What fun this would be.

4. I bought a couple of tomatoes from the guy who runs the most popular stand at the farmer’s market, and he threw in some extra ones. They were frankentomatoes, but still.

Fraternal Toms.

Beautiful on the inside.

5. Knit Picks published my Snowman Draft Stopper as a free pattern on their website, and knitters are knitting it.

6. Knit Picks accepted my City Cowl pattern, which will come out next year.

7. The Flaming Sumac tree outside my office window is flaming.

Can you see the heart in the sky?

8. I have friends who care about me; shelter from rain and cold; a kitchen full of food; and a hot shower any time I want one.

How many blessings are you counting this month?

To Ponder: Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else. |J.M. Barrie|



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