Counting My Blessings: December 2014

You know, when you start your day being grateful that you’re getting out of a warm bed after a full night’s sleep and that clean water comes out of the tap when you turn it on—not because you’ve had water problems lately, but because you live in a time and a place where it’s even possible—you can look at everything that happens to you the rest of the day as a blessing.

Here are some highlights from my month.

1. Last year, my friend and yoga student Jean and I were talking about keeping our drafty little houses warm without turning on the (expensive) central heat. I set my thermostat at 58 and use little electric space heaters in my bedroom and office. She uses a portable oil-filled space heater—one of those big ones that looks like a radiator that New Yorkers are always complaining about not working.

My bathroom is the warmest room in the house.

They aren’t too expensive, so I could have bought one, but I just don’t have room in my house to store it for the 10 months it’s not needed. Jean had an extra one that she let me borrow last year, and this year, when we had our early cold snap, she brought it to class for me to borrow again. Aw.

2. I always know when a package is coming in the mail because I’m the one who ordered it, but last week I opened my mailbox to a surprise Christmas gift from my BFF—three divinely fragrant handmade soaps from a company that her friend just started.

Thanks, Tina!

3. At the end of the farmer’s market on Saturdays, the food vendors trade their leftovers amongst themselves. I don’t participate because my knitting isn’t going into the compost bin if someone doesn’t buy it that day.

Last Saturday, one of the farmers came up to me as I was packing up and said I should come to his stand and pick out some vegetables. My friend Angie, who sells bread and pastries for the restaurant she works at, had given him two loaves of bread and let me have the vegetable trade. Aw. I got broccoli, garlic, and mixed greens.

4. My yoga students are always so sweet and generous, and especially so at Christmas. The students in my Tue/Thu morning class pooled their money and gave me an Amazon gift card. The students in my evening class gave me individual gifts: cash, wine, coffee beans, fruit, chard, raw cacao truffles, raw energy bars, raw honey from a sister’s bees, artisanal olive oil soap, Neutrogena sesame oil, a Specs gift card, yoga-themed notecards, handknit socks, a ceramic coffee go cup, copper earrings from Alaska, and a handmade copper-and-silver necklace.

Their friendship, kindness, and thoughtfulness are always a blessing.

Hannah always makes her Christmas cards; this year she tatted snowflakes.

Kate designed this necklace just for me. Wow, right?

Kate also decorated the gift bag.

5. The infirmed mother of my friend Chris came to live with her, and Chris had to get rid of the bed in her guest room to make room for her mother’s special bed, so she gave me the mattress—a queen-size Beautyrest that’s less than a year old.

She and her sister helped me get it into my house, which was a job, I tell you, because my property is on an incline and it’s stone steps all the way up. Chris also let me store my old mattress in her storage unit in case this one didn’t work out. (So far, my back likes it.)

6. My little red truck has been acting up the last couple of times I drove it, hesitating on acceleration. It felt like a fuel problem, so I put $20 of premium in the tank, hoping that would fix it. It didn’t. This is a second car (a blessing in itself), and I don’t drive it much, but when I need it, I need it. (Ref #5 above.)

Last week, I drove it here and there on some errands, hoping that I just needed to run more of the premium fuel through the engine, but that didn’t work either, and the problem seemed to be getting worse.

Before I took it to a mechanic, I tried one more thing: a fuel additive called BG44K.

Little can o’ magic.

I bought it at NAPA (from the same nice guy who had cleaned my corroded battery connections earlier in the month), drove to the Valero station, poured the stuff into the tank then filled up with regular gas. It worked immediately.

7. Jesus blessed us all with His birth.

Matthew 2:1-12

How have you been blessed this month?

To Ponder: The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. |-William Morris-|



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