Submission: Tee to Pom Pom Quarterly

It’s snowing in parts of the northern hemisphere, which means that knitting magazines are planning their warm weather issues.

Last month, I missed the deadline for Knitty’s Spring+Summer 2015 issue for the twin reasons of laziness and procrastination. Surprised? Didn’t think so.

But I didn’t miss the Summer 2015 call from the UK magazine Pom Pom Quarterly on Monday. Yes, the deadline was Monday and I submitted it on Monday. I got it in eight hours before the time deadline of 6:00 GMT, so it wasn’t as 11th hour as it seems.

Their call for submissions started:

This summer we are dreaming about ancient Mediterranean seaside towns, cobbled Mexican streets and bustling Caribbean markets for inspiration.

I had just the thing for them: a t-shirt with a ribbing and lace design that I had previously submitted iterations of to Knit Picks and Knitscene. PPQ publishes 5–10 designs per issue, so my odds are slim, but I’m encouraged by similar designs they’ve published.

(c) Pom Pom Quarterly

Their models are darling and the photo styling is marvelous, and I can picture my design modeled by an innocently sexy babe sipping absinthe at an outdoor cafe in Monte Carlo.

Can you see her?

Please envision the same, even though you don’t know what she or the t-shirt looks like.

To Ponder: A man may be very industrious and yet not spend his time well. There is no more fatal blunderer than he who consumes the greater part of life getting his living. |-Henry David Thoreau-|



  1. Love P-P Quarterly! Finished Riverine last year and now Waterlily is about to be started – looking forward to seeing (and knitting) your submission :) :) all the best for that!

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