Decision: Sweater by Knitscene

Way back in October I submitted a sweater to Knitscene Fall 2015 for their Style Icons story.

On Saturday, my one and only piece of mail was the swatch. It wasn’t a surprise, really. Within a month of the deadline, they email if they want it, so I knew it wasn’t happening by Thanksgiving.

But it still kind of sucks to get the swatch back.

On the bright side:

  • The swatch can be used as a cowl, which means I can sell it.
  • I won’t have to put The Sweater on hold while I design this one.
  • It’s not like I’ve never been published by Knitscene.

Just so I can have a picture in this post, here’s a Pinterest mashup showing a yoke design that looks like wooden switch plates.

The cardigan is by one of my favorite designers, Marie Wallin, who has no trouble getting published.

Of course, she probably doesn’t screw around all day on Pinterest.

To Ponder: To embark on the journey toward your goals and dreams requires bravery. To remain on that path requires courage. The bridge that merges the two is commitment. |-Steve Maraboli-|



  1. Remember that MW has Rowan behind her though! Her designs are a favourite of mine as well but don’t know if I’ll buy her new crochet book – not quite up my alley and have to wear layers underneath! Btw, love your ponderings …….

    1. Yes, Marie has Rowan, but she’s still cranking out tons of sweaters. I wonder about her design process, though. I doubt she knits her own prototypes, and probably has a team of people to write, chart, and grade the patterns. Still, I should be able to publish more than one sweater pattern a year.

      Thanks for liking the ponderings. I love finding just the right one.

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