Counting My Blessings: January 2015

1. A couple of days after Christmas, I received a message from a fellow Raveller. She added me as a friend, then sent a note of introduction that read, in part, “Your blog is wonderful and I hope you keep designing and writing for a long, long time!” Really. She wrote that.

I’m so thankful that a) anyone at all reads my blog, and b) a girl who is half my age is inspired by it.

2. My yoga student Judy came to the first class of the new year with a cold bottle of beer—Dogfish Head Namaste. She saw it while shopping at Central Market in Austin and thought of me. Sweet, right?

Namaste is a Sanskrit word used by yogis everywhere.

I drink what I can afford, which is Lone Star Light in cans, so this was a nice upgrade.

It was unclear to both of us what the clapping skeleton had to do with its name, but we agreed that it was cool.

3. This exists:

A device that lets you sit and knit in warmth.

4.  A Mother Superior at a convent purchased my Ironheart Pullover pattern.

Ironheart Pullover by A Texas Girl Knits

What colors would a nun choose?

I hope she loves it enough to ask the Big PR Guy in the Sky to promote it.

5. The inside driver’s side door handle on my car has been broken for about two years, and I have to roll down my window to open the door from the outside. (I know…classy.) Then a couple of months ago, the outdoor handle snapped off when my door was frozen shut. I could still open the door, but I figured it was time to get both of them fixed. I ordered the parts on eBay and my sweet brother replaced both of them for the price of a Whataburger bacon cheeseburger. (And regardless of what he says, I DID help.)

6. Last week, I house- and dog-sat for my friend Kate. She and her husband live in a warm house full of floor-to-ceiling windows, a wrap-around deck, incredible paintings, a funky art collection, a hot tub, and home-brewed beer on tap.

The best part was seven days and six nights of absolute peace and quiet. No dogs barking in the middle of the night. No headlights shining into my bedroom window when Mr. Neighbor leaves for work at 0600. No redneck neighbors running power tools until midnight. No crazy neigbor and her foil-draped house. Just the sound of the creek running behind their house and the occasional Chewbaca noise when one of the dogs wanted his belly scratched.

(Well, okay, the best part was the beer on tap.)

7. New year’s resolutions=more yoga students=more sweet, interesting people coming into my life.

How have you been blessed this month?

To Ponder: Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys. |-Rita Schiano-|



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