Submission: Kerchief Thing to Holla Knits

Yesterday—a full day before the deadline*, thank you—I submitted a proposal to Holla Knits for their Warm Weather Accessories collection.

From the call:

As always, I’m looking for risky, unique knits you won’t see in print knitting pattern magazines. Make a bold color choice. Chose a challenging stitch pattern. Use those advanced knitting skills and produce a show stopping knit you want to wear or use every time you leave the house.

I submitted that kerchief thing that Interweave Knits rejected a few months ago.

Just a peek.

As far as I could determine, nothing like this exists in the knitting world, so it might just be unique enough (and challenging with all those bobbles) to be one of the six items they’re going to publish in this collection.

Send up prayers and good thoughts for me, would you?

*The editor prefers a physical swatch via snailmail, but will accept an emailed proposal with photos, which is good because I kept snoozing the online calendar notification until it was too late to mail it.

To Ponder: Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing. |-William Arthur Ward-|


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