Decision: Kerchief Thing by Holla Knits

In keeping with my 0 and 438,000 record for 2015, Holla Knits doesn’t want my kerchief thing for their Summer Accessories collection.

However, out of the 438,545 rejections I’ve received the past few years, it was the nicest and most constructive.

I had designed the kerchief with a worsted weight yarn, and after telling me how cute it was and how she would like to have a kerchief for the summer, the editor suggested it might be too heavy and that a DK or fingering weight would work better. She’s absolutely right, but I think I’m done with this design for the nonce.

On the bright side, my own Ironheart Pullover showed up in my Pinterest feed this morning.

At least one of my designs is getting some love.

To Ponder: True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice. |-St. Francis of Assisi-|



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