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Submission: Vest and Pillow to Knit Now

Knit Now is a knit and crochet magazine out of the UK. The magazine cover has a sort of Woman’s World vibe, but the patterns are cute.

These covers sell a lot of magazines.

Unlike most knitting magazines that publish quarterly with a special issue here and there, Knit Now publishes monthly, so their call for submissions is for three months’ worth. And also unlike most knitting magazines, they regularly publish patterns for babies and homewares along with women’s garments and accessories.

They put out an interesting call for their Summer 2015 issues, and by interesting, I mean that I already had a couple of things that would fit the call and I didn’t have to do any real work.

From the call:

City Chic – Relaxed garments and simple accessories are the order of the day. Concentrate on stylish pieces which would be just as home in the office as on the street.

Tempting Textures – This collection is all about creating tactile knits that you’ll love to wear. I want to see stitch patterns that just scream “touch me!”

Allotment Knits – This month we’re digging over the allotment. Will the structure of paths and potting sheds, trugs* and trellis tame the abundant fruit and veg? Add a touch of whimsy** with uninvited guests.***

So, I spent Game Day submitting my Welligkeit Vest (a.k.a. Adelante Tank and Petal Tank), that was previously rejected by Knitscene, Twist Collective, and knit.wear.

Just a photo that shows nothing.

I also submitted my Brookshire Pillow that Knitscene didn’t want.

A picture that shows a little more than nothing.

Because this is a British publication, I was extra careful to include both inches and centimeters for all measurements.

Their deadline is February 18th before 6:00 GMT, and since I’m too lazy to figure out exactly when that is, I submitted my proposals 17 days early.

They notify within a week of the deadline, so please send out good thoughts and prayers that at least one of my patterns will be published across the pond.

*From all the British TV shows I watch, I knew what an allotment was—a plot of land rented out to individual gardeners—but I had to look up trug. It’s “a shallow basket for carrying flowers, vegetables, etc., made from strips of wood.”

**What’s with the whimsy all of a sudden? Knit Picks was on about that too.

***Uninvited guests could mean anything from scorpions and centipedes to most of my family, so I just stayed away from that.

To Ponder: You just need to have a love for what you’re doing. It’s not about thinking that it’s the cool thing; it’s about really believing in it. |-Anna Wintour-|