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Interview on Louet Blog

Last week, on the day between hiking the red mountains of Sedona,


and hiking part of the Bright Angel trail on the south rim of the Grand Canyon,

I answered a few interview questions from Louet North America about my Hermosa Tee.

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Go Team!

A recent blog post on Knitting Daily featured my Paros Hat!

The Assistant Project Editor for Interweave Knits and Knitscene found a way to get around the universal manly colors of black, brown, blue, and gray, and made one for her fiancé in his favorite pro football team colors. Then she wrote a blog post about it.

With a fun photo and everything. {via}

What a clever idea to knit this hat in team colors. You could use school colors, too. In Texas, that means either burnt orange and white if you hook ’em or maroon and white if you gig ’em.

This is the second time one of my hats has been featured on Knitting Daily, which is rather incredible to me, considering I’ve had only two hats published by an Interweave Press magazine.

Mostly, though, this is validation. As a designer, you know what you like, but you’re never sure if others will like it. Magazine editors accept and publish things they like or think their readers will like, but it’s possible no one will knit them.

For example:

Seriously, Vogue Knitting Holiday 2014? This wasn’t even an attractive style in the 80s. [Photo (c)SoHo Publishing]

Today, the project page for my Paros Hat on Ravelry shows eight projects, and three of them are mine. But Laura’s fiancé’s hat isn’t on there, so there are at least seven people (I’m counting the editor who published it) besides me who like it.

I’m so thankful for that.

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Fun Fur in Paradise

According to this story, “a small scale knitting project to recreate the Last Supper spiralled out of control.” The result is 32 (or 33) bible stories “knitted out of wool.”

They’re the usual ones that are easy to dramatize—Noah and the Ark, Jonah and the whale, the Last Supper, Jesus exiting the tomb, etc.

Were this a juried show instead of an exhibition created by the “needlework-mad congregation at St George’s United Reformed Church” on loan to Scapegoat Hill Baptist Church, the tableau featuring Adam and Eve poolside at the Tropicana in Las Vegas would deserve a red ribbon.

Blue Astroturf would have clinched the blue ribbon.

Can you spot the serpent?