Interview on Louet Blog

Last week, on the day between hiking the red mountains of Sedona,


and hiking part of the Bright Angel trail on the south rim of the Grand Canyon,

I answered a few interview questions from Louet North America about my Hermosa Tee.

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Voilà: Hermosa Tee

Snow and freezing temps are still high on the list of things to think about for most people, but for knitters, it’s time to start thinking about spring and summer projects.

How about my new Hermosa Tee?

Hermosa Tee by Robin Allen | A Texas Girl Knits

©Louet North America

If you care to remember, I’ve had this design knocking on submission doors for quite a while. When so many doors are slammed, it’s easy to get discouraged and think, “It’s not them, it’s me.” And when that happens, I’ll sometimes set aside a design, and I’ll sometimes never pick it back up. Not even to self-publish it.

Hermosa Tee by Robin Allen | A Texas Girl Knits

©Louet North America

But this time, I knew it was them, not me, and I kept submitting one more time.*

Then last year, the yarn company Louet North America opened their door.

And today, the little tee that I never gave up on (er, sorry Winston…on which I never gave up), is one of 12 patterns in Louet’s Spring 2016 Collection.

Hermosa Tee by Robin Allen | A Texas Girl Knits

©Louet North America

The pattern calls for Louet’s Euroflax linen sport weight yarn, but you could use any sport weight yarn in any fiber.

*It’s always them.

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Decision: Tee by Louet

I have a lace-and-ribbing tee in my submission queue that I really love. It started as the Padre Island Tee when I submitted it to Knit Picks and Knitscene. Then it was called Island Tee when PomPom Quarterly rejected it.

And when I submitted it to the yarn company Louet in mid-July, I called it Long Island Tee.* The call said they were looking for tees, for lace, and for designs that use 2–6 skeins of yarn. It’s not often that an existing design hits a trifecta, but it is often that I’m rejected.


Whether because of the name change or that this design’s time has finally come:


I proposed it their Gems Sport yarn, a 100% merino wool. Admittedly a ridiculous fiber for a spring garment in central Texas, but I have to remember that a significant population of the world doesn’t start wearing shorts and flip-flops** in March, and may still appreciate the warmth of wool.

But when they accepted it, the editor asked me to use their Euroflax Sport, a 100% linen yarn. I agreed, partly because this design could be knit out of anything, even kitchen twine, but mostly because who am I to demand no brown M&Ms in my dressing room?

The yarn arrived yesterday.

Swatching begins today.

George Gently began last night.

*Thanks to my accountability partner, Melinda, for the joke that polished into a jewel.

**Not me. Not flip-flops. Not ever.

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