Submission and Rejection: Tank Top for Knitscene

I’ve been making so many submissions lately, I don’t think I blogged about a cabled tank top I submitted in May to Knitscene for their Spring 2015 issue. One of the stories in their call for submissions was for big, drapey cables. Not my favorite type of cable, but I’m not one to pass up a chance for fame and glory, so I went into my briar patch of stitch dictionaries and found one with an unusual construction.

I swatched it up using yarn left over from the hat Interweave Knits is going to publish in their Winter 2014 issue, wrote up the proposal, named it Adelante, and mailed it to them. (I make it sound like all that happened in about five minutes, but it took a few hours over a few days). Knitscene notifies in 2–4 weeks for an acceptance, which comes via email, and 4–6 weeks for a rejection, which is your original swatch in the mail.

After six weeks, I still hadn’t heard from them, and I was hoping they were behind with acceptances because they were dealing with the tumult of moving offices, but apparently they were behind with rejections because yesterday, the postman delivered my swatch.

Here’s a glimpse of the cable.

A nice drapey cable.

In the meantime, I was avoiding working on my cabled sweater design so sure that Knitscene would want it, I knit up a prototype in the only other DK weight yarn I had enough of, which was some Knit Picks CotLin, a 70/30 cotton/linen blend in a beautiful dark teal color called Planetarium.

I washed and dried the tank top like you’re supposed to because linen softens the more you launder it, and this is what was waiting in my lint trap.

Half my tank top and all the color.

The tank looks like I wore it while swimmming in the Gulf of Mexico every day for the past three summers.

On the bright side:

  • My dryer works.
  • The tank did get softer.
  • I have new beachwear.


    1. Yeah, well, I’m used to rejection from all those years of writing and submitting. And then one day, I had an agent, a publisher, and a three-book deal. I’m not sure what the knitting equivalent is, but I’ll have it one of these days.

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